It's official: the tech-neck-busting Mukava reading tables have landed

The brand new, widely-acclaimed Mukava reading tables have landed at Posturite HQ - ready to be shipped off to customers worldwide from today.  

Mukava stand-alone This beautiful design will change your reading experience forever (MK-150)

This makes us the first and only UK-based distributor of this intriguing new product, which slots perfectly into our existing range of ergonomic products all designed to promote healthier working.

What exactly is the Mukava range?

The Mukava range is a trio of ergonomic, multimedia reading tables designed to help us read, study and work in healthier, more comfortable positions. You can use the Mukava to hold almost any type of media - from your mobile devices to documents and magazines.

There are three models:

How could a Mukava table help me?

Mukava table

The act of using handheld technology and even reading magazines and books can shift us into uncomfortable and risky positions.

How many times have you caught yourself hunching over a smartphone or laptop as you work and browse? You're not the only one. This position is so common it's been dubbed 'tech neck', and it's thought to cause spine degeneration in young people more typically found in over seventy-year-olds.

This hunched-over position can, over time, cause your back to become abnormally rounded and eventually develop into a painful and debilitating condition known as kyphosis. The Mukava table is designed to prevent back and neck pain caused by tech neck by bringing your technology or documents up to meet you, rather than the other way round.

What devices can the Mukava hold?

Your Mukava table will come with three magnetic 'pads' that you can attach to the back of your smartphone or tablet. There are two for tablets and one for a smartphone. The pads are covered in 'micro-suction cups' which can be stuck and unstuck to your device.

Mukava 25-01-16-64

Where can I use Mukava?

The Mukava is by nature incredibly versatile and can be used everywhere from hospitals, factories and offices, to home environments. The sleek design and easy manoeuvrability means it blends in neatly to almost any room.

mukava table

Is there a business case for investing in Mukava tables?

Yes. Not only is the Mukava designed to reduce the risk of aches, pains and injuries (some of the most commonly cited reasons for sick leave and lost productivity in the UK), it can also smooth out workflow and utilise desk space more efficiently.


For full details including specs and prices, head over to the whole Mukava range on our website.