It’s official – we’re an ‘outstanding’ company to work for

top-company_blogPosturite received an ‘Outstanding’ rating in this year’s Sunday Times Best Companies to Work For awards.

It’s the first time we have entered the awards, now in their 14th year, which are acknowledged as the UK’s most searching and extensive independent examination of employee engagement.

All the scores and ratings used to compile the lists are based on employee opinions given anonymously. We scored highest in the categories for ‘Personal Growth’, ‘My Company’ and ‘Leadership’ whilst maintaining strongly positive results in the ‘My Manager’, ‘My Team’ and ‘Giving Something Back’ sections.

Overall it meant we scored 700 points out of a maximum 900 giving us a two-star ‘Outstanding’ rating out of three stars.

CEO Ian Fletcher-Price said: “We are delighted with the results. They show what a good company we are for anyone wanting to develop their skills in a highly professional and enthusiastically-led team. Statements such as ‘I love working for this organisation,’ ‘My manager is an excellent role model for me,’ and ‘I feel proud to work for this organisation,’ were particularly pleasing.

“Overall the survey has proved very positive and given us a good picture of people’s feelings about all aspects of the Posturite environment. It will help us identify any areas where there is room for improvement.”