Join our free webinar on Obesity from the Employer’s Perspective

Obesity WebinarObesity is a growing problem, the Office for National Statistics last year reported that 24% of the adult population was now considered obese, up from 13% for men and 16% for women in just two decades.

For employers, the rising trend of obesity in the workplace represents an extra set of challenges, all of which will be explored in the next of our popular series of free monthly webinars on Friday 21 November.

Graham Baldwin, Senior Health & Safety Consultant with AXA PPP Healthcare, will lead the webinar which will look at obesity from an employer’s perspective.

It’s a subject that employers can ill-afford to ignore, especially since last year’s ruling by the Employment Appeals Tribunal which found in favour of a 21-stone man who had originally brought a discrimination case against his employers on the grounds of disability. They said that under the Equality Act 2010 the man could be considered disabled not from obesity itself but from the resulting impairments of it.

This now raises questions about just how far employers should go to accommodate the needs of obese employees; whether they should become proactively involved in educating and supporting employees to combat obesity; and what steps they should take not just to deal with obesity-related issues but to help prevent them in the first place.

Our webinar will start at 12.30 and last for about half an hour. There will be an opportunity for participants to ask Graham questions after his initial talk. All those taking part can also request a CIPD certificate to be sent to them.

To register your interest in joining the webinar, click here. If you’ve missed any of our previous talks, you can catch up with them on the webinars page of our website - where you will also find a full list of future topics and dates.