Keeping up with the pace of change

Microsoft Wedge Mobile Bluetooth Keyboard Microsoft Wedge Mobile Bluetooth Keyboard

The way we work is changing rapidly. Driven by improvements in communications technology, telecommuting is on the rise. A recent infographic from Intuit stated that around one tenth of the British workforce – around 2.8m people – now spend all or a fair chunk of their time working remotely.

And the pace of change is only going to increase. Recent research by PwC found that just 14% of workers want to work in a traditional office environment in the future.

PwC’s UK HR Consulting Leader, Jon Andrews, commented: “People feel strongly that they no longer want to work within the constraints of the typical office environment and advances in technology mean that workers no longer have to be shackled to their desks.”

The rapid move towards more remote and flexible working has been one of the biggest drivers in the upsurge of laptops and tablets. But it does mean that people now spend many more hours than they should bent over machines that were only ever really designed for occasional use.

Fortunately, the ergonomics industry have come up with most of the answers.  Stands that raise screens to the correct level; separate Bluetooth keyboards and mice; lap desks; and trolley or backpack cases have all been introduced to help take the ‘ouch’ out of the slouch, and make the laptop and tablet’s portability a virtue rather than a vice.

Here are just a few of the innovative products that we have in stock right now to make flexible working easier and more comfortable.

  • The Microsoft Wedge Mobile Bluetooth Keyboard was designed for tablet users who are forever on the go. It's the perfect commuting accessory as it is thin, lightweight and easy to carry whilst the full-sized, soft-touch keyset provides a comfortable, efficient typing experience that makes typing out long emails and documents a breeze. One of our favourite features is that the included durable keyboard cover not only protects your keyboard from knocks and scratches, it can also convert quickly in to a tablet stand, allowing you to watch movies or surf the net without you having to hold your tablet.
  • Penclic products are perfect for flexible working being lightweight and portable. The Mini Keyboard is available in both wireless and wired versions. Compact and with a sleek and contemporary design, it has comfortable quiet-touch keys that minimise noise and require little typing effort. The Numpad is also available as an add-on for those who can’t live without the numbers function. The Nice Touch Touchpad is an easy-to-use touchpad and hand rest combination  is modern keyboard technology and simplicity at its best, providing high end functionality together with an ergonomic working position where the hand rests easily on the soft surface. It is designed to be the perfect partner to the Penclic Mini Keyboards.
  • For anyone spending long hours behind a steering wheel, the Posture Genie is a must.  The Posture Genie gives added support to the left buttock and counteracts the repetitive use of the right leg whilst driving.
  • Long journeys lugging your laptop and accessories on your commute needn't be a pain on your shoulder's and back either, the Belkin Slim Backpack has everything you need to transport your notebook safety and securely, there are compartments for everything from pens, business cards, credit cards, power supplies and your other notebook accessories.  The shoulder straps and backside of the Slim Back Pack have extra padding and breathable mesh for maximum support and comfort.

If you would like to view these or any of our other products specially designed to meet the needs of remote and mobile workers, contact your local account manager or call us on 0345 345 0010.