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consultancy-services_blogKeeping Healthy and safety legislation and training requirements can be a difficult and time-consuming task for all businesses, big and small. You need to make sure that you watch for changes in the law and know which legislation applies to your industry.

To help you keep up to date, we have created WorkRite Consulting, a team of WorkRite consultants to ensure your procedures, policies, documentation, risk assessments and training programmes are all properly maintained.

Correct management of health and safety within the workplace can reduce absenteeism and improve your return on investment.

Poor management has been estimated to cost British businesses roughly £19bn annually (Leadership and management in the UK, Department for Business, Innovation & Skills - July 2012).

Correct management can reduce staff absence to about 1.7 days per employee and cut Presenteeism (being present at work but not productive), estimated to cost businesses £5 billion a year.

This means your return on investment can be up to 3:1.

Our consulting services encompass everything, from risk assessments and fire safety to disaster recovery:

  • Assistance with your Critical Incident Management Plan (for large scale issues such as flooding or the death of an employee)
  • Bespoke specific internal training for organisations relating to the above
  • Health & Safety Management gap Analysis and improvement plan – a review of your current management systems. Following this we will recommend improvements in a comprehensive action plan that can be implemented by you or with the on-going support of our expert consultants
  • Policy development and implementation advice
  • Risk assessment process development
  • Risk assessment production and development in liaison with you
  • Fire risk assessment
  • Fire safety advice and guidance
  • Planning for emergency situations (fire and bomb)
  • Assistance with your disaster recovery planning
  • Home working consultancy
  • Ergonomic Audit services

To find out more, visit WorkRite consulting section.