Lifeguards leap into action with LIFEPAK!


The family of a man who had a heart attack in BPL’s Retford Leisure Centre swimming pool have heaped praise on the leisure centre staff and paramedics who helped save his life.

BPL staff sprung into action when they realised that John Hurst, 69, had gone into cardiac arrest whilst swimming in the pool.

Hauling him out of the pool, staff used the site’s LIFEPAK defibrillator on John, having received training on emergency procedures and correct use of the life saving device. The defibrillator which has the same advanced technology trusted by emergency medical professionals, is designed specifically for the first person to respond to a victim of sudden cardiac arrest. BPL’s Staff Training Programme ensures that all sites have staff on duty that are trained in CPR and use of the automated external defibrillator (AED) in case of an emergency such as this one.

Use of the LIFEPAK and first aid techniques meant that staff were able to help stabilise John before paramedics rushed to the scene to take him to hospital.

John is now on the road to recovery and his family have thanked all those involved.

“We just want to thank them so much - words can’t express our true gratitude. They were fantastic,” said John’s son David.

“To react as quickly and professionally as they did is just amazing and shows how good these people are at their jobs.”

John’s sister, Brenda Davison, said: “He was taken to Northern General Hospital in Sheffield and the people there said the actions of the leisure centre staff and paramedics almost certainly saved his life.”

John has since been back to the leisure centre to personally thank the people who saved him.

The drama unfolded after John was spotted motionless in the pool by BPL’s on-duty lifeguard.

She dived in to administer initial first aid before staff pulled him out to start giving him oxygen and use the LIFEPAK defibrillator.

Paramedics from East Midlands Ambulance Service (EMAS) then used their advanced skills to stabilise John before whisking him to hospital.

A spokesperson for EMAS said “We arrived on scene six minutes after we received the call.

“Leisure centre staff had clearly acted swiftly and by defibrillating the patient, they gave our crews the opportunity to use their advance skills to good effect. It’s great to know that the combined efforts of all involved resulted in such a great result.”

All BPL sites are equipped with LIFEPAK devices supplied by Posturite and staff undergo regular in house training to ensure that they know when and how to use the technology in an emergency.

You can read the full story in the Retford Times.

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