March of the Penguins reaches America

Ian Fletcher-Price promoting the Penguin Mouse in AmericaThe march of the Penguins has now reached the shores of America. Posturite’s CEO, Ian Fletcher-Price, has signed an exclusive agreement with the giant Synnex Corporation for it to market the company’s unique ambidextrous vertical mouse in the States.

The Penguin, launched in the UK in 2010 and now one of Posturite’s biggest selling products, already has a presence across the Atlantic having been introduced by a small number of resellers in the past year.

But it is set to really take off now that Synnex has agreed to list the Penguin among the world-leading IT products it distributes to more than 15,000 resellers throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Ian Fletcher-Price sealed the agreement with Synnex, a Fortune 500 company, when he met with the corporation’s President and CEO Kevin Murai at a resellers’ convention in Greenville, South Carolina.

He said: “This represents a big breakthrough for Posturite in North America. We know from the feedback we have had from the ergonomic resellers we have been working with for the last 12 months that the Penguin has huge potential in the country.

“It would have taken us a number of years to put together a big enough network of resellers to fulfil that potential nationwide, so we are delighted that we are now able to use Synnex’s well-established and comprehensive supply chain. It offers us a much more direct route to market.”

Several leading resellers and members of the Synnex sales team took advantage of Posturite’s presence at the Carolina convention to try out the Penguin and other popular Posturite products such as the MultiRite and Number Slide Keyboard.

Ian Fletcher-Price was delighted with the reaction. “There was nothing but great enthusiasm for everything we had to show them. It augurs very well for future sales in America when the sales people take the products to their customers,” he said.

While in America Ian also visited San Francisco where he held a workshop for ergonomists from several of the largest corporations in Silicon Valley including Apple, Oracle and LinkedIn.

Again, he received a warm reception with several companies agreeing to make the Penguin and other Posturite products available in their ‘ergolabs’ where employees are able to choose their own ergonomic solutions to musculoskeletal or upper limb disorders.

Posturite’s push in America mirrors a similar drive it has been conducting across Europe. The company is now established in countries such as France, Holland, Sweden and Germany and is looking to build on this by actively seeking agents and distributors in other parts of the continent as well as in markets further afield such as Brazil, India and the Middle East.

The big strides Posturite has already made in export sales has now been formally recognised with the company being shortlisted in the annual International Trade Awards.