Meet Cubert - a unique and futuristic USB desktop lamp


Colesson Brook Saunders (designers behind the innovative Flo monitor arms) have recently released the first lighting product in their new catalogue - The Cubert USB desktop lamp.

The Cubert lamp gained an honourable mention at the Red Dot product design awards 2015 last year and has also had many other fantastic reviews from design publications such as Onoffice magazine and Mix Interiors.

The Cubert is unique compared to other desktop lamps as it also works as a power supply. It combines a touch dimmer light, two mains sockets, and two smart USB power outlets, supporting technology such as laptops, tablets and mobile phones – a great and extremely useful design for today’s modern office.


Cubert has the ability to charge and power via two mains sockets and also includes two high speed, smart charging technology USB ports. The ports supply 2 amps of power between them, meaning that if both ports are being used, the device that is connected first will receive priority power of 1.5 amps, leaving the other device with 0.5 amps. When the initial device is removed, the remaining device will then receive the full 2 amp charge.


It is also incredibly compact and lightweight- at just 80mm x 80mm and under 1kg, the unit can be placed on the desktop or wherever the user requires. At only 300mm tall, it has a broad light coverage aided by a head that tilts and rotates and is easy to reposition. The close-knit LEDs in the light were designed by lighting specialists to ensure Cubert gave out a cool white, glare-free light and an even distribution of illumination, casting a single shadow. The LEDS are also very long-lasting, providing over 50,000 hours of light.

It’s not only the functionality that is perfect for the office of today – The Cubert  lamp has a sleek, minimalistic, aesthetic exterior which makes it a popular choice for not only  use within commercial office space but also in reception areas.

IMG_2390The only difficulty for consumers is trying to resist buying a Cubert for yourself at home as a home bedside light or personal charge device as well as your office because - let’s face it – not only is it an extremely useful device to have at home – it looks cool too! I am adding one to my wish list as I type!