Meetings making you sleepy?

Meetings, meetings, meetings...we probably all feel we spend far too much time in them. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot any of us can do about it. But being tired of meetings is a different problem to being tired at meetings. That’s something we can help to improve. A simple thing like selecting proper ergonomic meeting room chairs can make all the difference.

The HAG H09 range is fast becoming the chair of choice for senior execs who spend a large chunk of their working week closeted around a boardroom table. That’s because, like all good office chairs, it has been designed to work as an extension of your body, allowing you to move freely; when you’re moving, you’re refreshing your mind as well as your body. Ergo, you feel less tired.

The HAG H09 will transform the way you think about and at meetings. See here for our H09 range. If you would like to book a demonstration, call 0345 345 0010.