More people are standing up for their health

The health and productivity benefits of height adjustable desks are finally being more widely recognised it seems.

Sales of our DeskRite sit-stand desks have shot up in recent months to the extent that we recently sold out our entire warehouse stock.

It has long been recognised that long periods of sitting is bad for you. So it’s highly encouraging that many more businesses are now investing in their workers’ long-term welfare by providing them with the means to alternate periods of sitting and standing throughout the day without interrupting their workflow.

We were also delighted to hear about a study being conducted by Loughborough University aimed at tackling childhood obesity by installing sit-stand desks in classrooms.

The Stand Out in Class study has given youngsters at a Bradford primary school a bank of desks that allows them to choose between sitting and standing to do their work.

In the Daily Mail, lead researcher Dr Stacey Clemes is quoted as saying: “If we can encourage children to stand more, we can change behaviours which we hope will continue into adulthood. We hope this will revolutionise the classroom so that eventually all schools have access to sit-to-stand desks.”

A BBC Radio 4 documentary also recently highlighted the growth in popularity of height adjustable desks.

We’ve now replenished our DeskRite stock, so if you would like to check out what all the fuss is about visit our website.