Mousetrapper puts control at your fingertips

Person using a Mousetrapper Posturite has been appointed exclusive UK distributor for the Swedish-produced Mousetrapper ergonomic mouse steering pads which offer protection against and relief from repetitive strain for people who use a computer for several hours each day.

Too much gripping, clicking, twisting and over-reaching for a traditional mouse can cause painful injuries to the wrist, shoulder and upper arm.

The Mousetrapper helps avoid these conditions by allowing both left and right handed people to use their finger tips to control the mouse and cursor operation via an integrated steering pad and programmable shortcut buttons.

There are two versions – the Mousetrapper Advance (£195.95 ex-VAT) and the wireless Mousetrapper Flexible (£284.95 ex-VAT) – both of which are equally suitable for right and left handed people.

Their sleek, modern design allows them to sit neatly in front of the keyboard, with the Mousetrapper Flexible being sufficiently compact that it is ideal for use with laptops and mini keyboards. It comes with a smart carrying case for ease of portability.

Either device can be fitted in seconds without any specialist IT knowledge. Simply plug it into the computer’s USB port and away you go.

Variety being the spice of computing life, the Mousetrapper Advance can also be paired with a second mouse to give options. A soft wrist support has a large relieving surface providing maximum comfort. In the Advance+ (£199.95 ex-VAT), the wrist support surface is made of easy-to-clean polyurethane.

Mousetrappers are big sellers in the Scandinavian market where they have been adopted by scores of companies and government departments to help reduce the risk or impact of repetitive strain injury on computer users.

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