MultiRite stops work becoming a pain in the neck

MultiRite Document HolderIf work is becoming a literal pain in the neck, Posturite could have the answer.

Our unique two-in-one MultiRite document holder and writing slope enables you to work with both keyboard and document positioned correctly in front of you, cutting down on unnatural and unnecessary head and eye movement and easing the strain on your neck, shoulder and arm muscles.

This ‘in-line’ way of working is not only more healthy but also more efficient, leading to a 17% increase in productivity, a 21% increase in comfort and a 32% decrease in neck torque*.

When not required as a document holder, the top of your MultiRite can be slid down over the keyboard to provide an ergonomically efficient and space-saving writing slope.

Available in mini, standard and large sizes to accommodate different sized keyboards, the MultiRite has been one of Posturite’s biggest selling products for a number of years.

And it now has a new ‘cousin’. SlideRite, as its name suggests, is our first slope to come fitted with a guide rule that allows you to track documents line by line. It can be removed when not required. SlideRite also has a fatter lip than most of its older cousins, providing a larger and more stable base for your documents.

Available in tough frosted or black acrylic, the SlideRite holds documents at a comfortable 50 degree angle and is large enough to be able to place two A4 pages side by side, but sufficiently compact to not take up too much desk room when placed beside or in front of your monitor.

For more information on the MultiRite, SlideRite and Posturite’s other market-leading posture-improving products, visit  www.posturite.co.uk

* Research by Bakker Elkhuizen