National Eye Health Week - we take a look at Display Screen Equipment (DSE)

eye_testThis week sees the fifth National Eye Health Week (NEHW) take place across the UK. National Eye Health Week is dedicated to promoting the importance of eye health and the need for regular sight tests for all. Despite sight being the sense people fear losing the most, very few of us look after our eyes.

As strong advocates of health and safety awareness in the workplace, we are very excited about this week as it also highlights the importance of looking after your eyes for computer users working in the office.

Looking at a monitor for a long time can strain your eyes or can make any other problems you are having with your eyes seem more noticeable. You may have experienced symptoms such as headaches, dry, itchy, tired eyes, difficulty focussing, blurred vision and many more.

If you work with computers daily, your employer may offer you free eye tests by an optician, and maybe even glasses if they are needed for you to be able to view the screen properly. Regular sight tests every two years are essential for maintaining healthy eyes but there are other things you can do to look after your eyes whilst working on computers.

Top Tips

  • Do get in the habit of giving your eyes frequent breaks. It is recommended to spend about 5 minutes away from your screen once an hour. Use opportunities  you have to do other tasks such as filing or photocopying to give your eyes a well deserved breaks throughout the day.
  • Ensure your screen is well positioned and properly adjusted. Our Workstation Set-up Advice shows you how you're desk should be set up correctly with your monitor approximately an arms length away from you and your eyes to be level with the top of your screen.
  • Make sure the lighting in your office isn't causing you to strain your eyes, adjust your screen and lighting to avoid reflections and glare.
    We have several types of Anti Glare products including Filters, Monitor Hoods and even Anti-glare Coated Keyboards and Laptop Stands to help if your office is a little bit too bright or if you sit close to natural light.

We don't just supply products to help combat eye strain in the office - We also offer Display Screen Equipment (DSE) services. We can carry out DSE workstation assessments for your staff and adjust or setup each individuals workstation correctly so you can meet Display Screen Equipment regulations and ensure high staff productivity.

If you are a line manager,  HR or an employee with an interest in DSE and Health and Safety, you may be interested in our DSE courses offered by our WorkRite division.

Firstly, WorkRite have created a E-Learning course, AssessRite, which can be used by both office and home workers to learn more about DSE, their working environment and how to set up their workstation correctly. The course has 5 modules  and a test at the end to make sure that employees are well informed of the risks of using computer equipment and how to prevent symptoms such as eye strain & blurred vision from happening if they are working with computers daily.

The DSE Assessment Foundation course is designed to provide delegates with an understanding of DSE regulations and assessment procedures together with the risks associated with incorrect use of computers and examples of possible solutions.

The DSE Assessment Post Foundation course has been created to update and increase the knowledge of existing DSE Assessors so that they are able to understand more clearly the risks associated with using computers incorrectly and be able to identify possible solutions.

Both of these courses are run by our qualified health professionals and/or ergonomists and are very proving very popular with increasing numbers signing up to our courses that take place in cities all across the UK. If you are interested in learning more about these courses please call our WorkRite team on or visit the WorkRite websites for up and coming dates near you.