New Agile Working Event dates announced

Our free Agile Working Event is coming to three new cities this autumn and winter. We'll be taking our popular mix of presentations, product exhibitions and networking to Liverpool, Glasgow and Newcastle.

If staff at your organisation ever work remotely, from home, or on the go, then it's important to consider the health and safety risks of agile working, as well as any relevant legal factors. We created our Agile Working Event a few years ago in response to the rising number of agile workers in the UK. With staff often working away from typical office workstations using mobile devices like laptops, phones and tablets, there's a greater risk of musculoskeletal disorders caused by poor posture and positioning. As well as the physical health risks there's also a risk to productivity. It's important that staff know how to set themselves up properly and choose the right device and environment for the right task.

We invite expert speakers from a variety of backgrounds to speak at our events - including healthcare, ergonomics and employment law. We'll cover topics including:

  • what agile working looks like in practice
  • the health, wellbeing and business benefits of agile working
  • choosing the right products for agile workers
  • training agile staff to make healthy decisions
  • legal considerations of agile working

We will also be showcasing WorkRite Agile, our e-learning course developed especially to train agile workers in health working practices. Because agile workers by nature work in a variety of environments, our course gives users the option to choose their most common place (whether in the office - as a hot-desker or at a designated workstation, on the go, or at home.) This way the content is specific and useful to them.

Here's what some attendees had to say about our last event in London. To book a free place on any of our upcoming events, please head over to our events page and choose the one you want. You'll be taken to EventBrite, where you can register by filling in the form.

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