NEW IN! Fantastic new products from Penclic!

penclic-mini-keyboard-c2_lifestyle-2 Penclic Mini Keyboard C2

I’m sure I’m not the only one out there at the moment wondering where that bank holiday went, bank holidays seem to fly by and before you know it your back in the office. Bah!

I was definitely feeling the post bank holidays blues until suddenly, I was handed some lovely, shiny new products from Penclic that are definitely worth getting excited about!

Before I go on, let me introduce you to Penclic:

Penclic are a Swedish ergonomic technology company. Through extensive research, they have developed a range of ergonomic computer accessories that are not only really effective and comfortable, they are really fun and will brighten up your desk!

I type a LOT. As many of us are out there, I’m typing all day - then once I go home I may spend another hour or so on the net or answering emails. Not good in the long term. With that said,  I also often find myself straining myself to reach the keys on my standard keyboard in order to type at speed. I have small hands so finding office equipment that is a smaller size and comfortable can be abit of a challenge.

With this in mind choosing a product of the new batch I had on my desk for me to trial was a no-brainer – it had to be the Penclic Mini Keyboard and Numpad N2!

I’ve been using the Penclic Mini Keyboard C2 and Numpad N2 now for a few days and I have noticed such a difference in how I type and how much it effects my posture.

Firstly as it’s a mini keyboard, its main ideal is to allow you to position yourself more centrally as there is more space for your mouse to fit closer to you,  therefore helping to reduce RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) from occurring.

Even if you do opt to include the Numpad as an extra as I have, I feel that I’m not having to stretch myself to get to my mouse as much as I used to. The numpad is attached by an extendable bungee-like USB cord, giving you complete freedom to position it on your desk wherever you want.

Quite possibly my favourite feature though are the touch keys. These are just like laptop keys which to me – I find more comfortable and easier to use, they are also quiet so no more annoying tappy typing noises!. Lastly, if you’re a typist on the go, this keyboard is also available as a wireless option (K2)

I loved the Penclic Mini Keyboard C2 and Numpad N2 so much, I didn't want to go back to my standard office keyboard and requested to keep them!

Our other new products from Penclic include the Penclic Mouse – a swiveling pen style mouse (available wired, wireless or with Bluetooth) and the Penclic Nicetouch T2 Touchpad – an easy to use touchpad which can also be used with the mini keyboard.

Remember - you will only find these products exclusively at Posturite!

You can have a look at all our new products from Penclic below: