New laptop pack saves agile workers from tech neck

You're living the agile working dream.

You spent the morning working at home from your breakfast bar, took a brisk walk to your local cafe to go through emails on your laptop before cycling to the office in the afternoon to work collaboratively at one of your company's hot-desks.

All the extra movement and changes of scenery have been great for your body, mind and productivity, but there is one big problem with this agile working scenario.

Office workers sitting around a meeting table

Agile work often involves using a laptop.

Having your screen connected to your keyboard may be convenient for working on the move, but it can force you to sit in a certain way: with your head jutting forward, your shoulders stooped and, often, your back slumped or slouched. At home you may even be tempted to work from an unsuitable chair, your sofa, or your bed.

Contrary to the name, you shouldn't really use your laptop on your lap for extended periods of time. Working with a laptop without ergonomic accessories can lead to painful long-term injuries, including:

  • Lower back pain
  • Shoulder tension
  • Neck and headaches
  • RSI
  • Carpal tunnel.

Introducing the agile working laptop pack

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To make life easier for agile workers, we've created a new laptop pack containing everything needed to create an ergonomic workstation on-the-go.

If you use a laptop for extended periods, make sure you are equipped with a laptop stand that elevates your screen to eye level. Alongside this you'll need an external mini keyboard that's light enough to carry around, plus an ergonomic plug and play mouse.

We're running a special offer until Friday 31 October, offering 25% off our new agile working laptop pack when you use the code AGILE25 at checkout. This will cut the price from £308.32, to £231.24.

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Our new agile working laptop pack contains:

The Ergo Q-260 is a portable, aluminium, award winning laptop stand, featuring a pivotable patented inline document holder, slim and lightweight profile and stable rubber anti-slip feet.

Lightweight and compact, making it perfect for any typist on the go. With a shear key mechanism (laptop style keys) an extra-wide space-bar and user-friendly arrow key positions, the S-Board 840 ensures comfort, speed and precision while you type.

The VerticalMouse 4's design has been flipped sideways to encourage the hand into a handshake position, which avoids forearm twisting for better comfort and good health.

If you like the idea of the laptop pack but you'd like to try other products, you can browse our whole collection which features various combinations of laptop stands, mice and keyboards at different price points.

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