New MoovRite balance board turns your desk into a mini gym

If you, like me, have chosen a career that requires you to spend most of your working day sitting down, then hopefully you'll be just as excited as I am about the new MoovRite standing platform and footrest designed by Posturite. 

'Excited' might seem like overkill considering that the MoovRite is, on the face of things, just a piece of plastic. But despite its simplicity, this (very cleverly designed) piece of plastic may just have the potential to solve one of the biggest health and productivity problems of the digital age.

It doesn't take a scientist to know that sitting down all the time isn't the healthiest lifestyle choice - but it always helps to have one to hand if you want to make a point.

Scientists have recently reported that long-term sedentary behaviour is so dangerous that you'd have to do an athlete-level of 10 to 12.5 hours of exercise every week to offset the dangers of all the other hours spent on your backside.

It's worth clarifying at this point that 'sedentary behaviour' is classified as any activity using less than 1.5 METs per minute. This includes sitting, reclining and lying down.

To put that in perspective, standing up uses about 1.8 METs, a leisurely walk uses around 2.5, a brisk walk could use as many as 5.5, and a lively run will see you pounding out an impressive 10 METs.

If you drive to work, sit at work, sit at lunch, drive home, sit down for dinner, watch some telly and then go to sleep, even an hour a day at the gym isn't going to be enough to offset the higher risk you statistically have of developing diabetes, cardiovascular disease and a range of other health problems.

The gist of the report, thank goodness, is that instead of ditching all of your adult responsibilities and spending the entirety of your free time in the gym, you could simply incorporate more movement into your working day.

A sit-stand desk is the first obvious step towards a more active working life (that extra 0.3 METs of energy used while standing actually does add up by the end of the week. When I conducted my own very unscientific experiment, I found that my heart-rate increased by at least six beats per minute when I stood up).

The problem is, not everyone has a sit-stand desk (yet).

In response to this problem, Posturite has come up with a solution everyone can use.

What is MoovRite?

MoovRite is a standing board and footrest that promotes both backward-forwards and side-to-side movement to fight the unhealthy effects of static posture. It's rectangle in shape, with a domed underside (this bit does the rocking), and a carpeted anti-fatigue mat surface on top (this bit reduces foot ache).

You can either position MoovRite to rock backwards and forwards (its main function), or you can flip it round to go side-to-side and simulate walking. You control the rocking movement to engage your core, work your leg muscles and stimulate circulation while you work at your desk.

First thoughts

MoovRite is fun. It's much more interesting than sitting statically on my chair all day anyway. It means that when I start to feel restless and fidgety, I can get my MoovRite out from under my desk and vent some energy marching my legs - without having to abandon my work. It's certainly a lot cheaper than a treadmill desk.

The MoovRite offers a greater range of movement than other balance boards I've used, such as the Gymba. It does actually feel like I'm gently working my muscles. Who knows, perhaps in a few months I'll have the rock-hard calves of an athlete.

On that note, you definitely don't have to be an athlete to use the MoovRite. The amount of energy you exert is up to you. It's easy enough to find a central balance point and stand (or sit) completely still - your body will still be working your core stabilisation muscles to stay upright while you obliviously get on with your job.

If you're not used to physical activity, make sure you gradually work your way up to standing on your MoovRite for longer periods of time. Start with a few minutes here and there and see how you improve over the days and weeks.


I've only been using the MoovRite for a week but I can already feel the productivity benefits. Whenever I feel the inevitable brain fog creeping in - usually in the office no-man's-land of 3-4pm, I simply get up and take a brisk walk on my MoovRite. It really does help clear my head and sharpen my focus.


Since using my MoovRite I've noticed that I haven't been hit with my usual daily craving for something extremely fattening. Perhaps the periodic flashes of gentle physical activity throughout the day are suppressing my appetite?

I've also been standing up more simply because I enjoy using the MoovRite. Standing up not only activates the muscles, it also means I'm not sat in uncomfortable postures for too long, thus potentially lowering my risk of developing musculoskeletal problems.

Value for money

At £99.95 (ex VAT) the MoovRite isn't exactly an impulse buy - but it's a robust, solid product that feels like it's going to last several human lifetimes. It'll probably be dug up a thousand years from now and put in a museum. It's well made, ergonomically designed and massively addictive. Considering that you'd have to fork out a few thousand pounds for a treadmill desk, £99.95 for a trusty MoovRite is a mere drop in the ocean.

You can try the MoovRite for yourself by heading to our online shop ›