New Penclic C3 Mini Keyboard - review

The Penclic C3 - with its sleek aluminium casing and distinctive colouring, is the latest mini keyboard from the brand that's 'making ergonomics sexy'. 

The humble keyboard may not exactly be the most exciting piece of tech you've ever owned but it's probably one of your most commonly used. Because we use them so much, it's essential that keyboards are well designed or they can cause serious injuries.

Stockholm-based company Penclic is on a mission to change the perception of ergonomic design. They want to show the world that, when it comes to purchasing equipment for your office - you don't have to choose between beautiful or ergonomic. You can have both.

The light, compact Penclic C3 mini keyboard is very similar in looks to the KB3 the company launched earlier this year (2017), which was voted by MacWorld as one of the top 10 keyboards of the year.

It has the same sturdy yet lightweight build but this time the new C3 is corded, unlike the KB3 which connects wirelessly via Bluetooth. The C3 is also marginally bigger and heavier, giving it a slightly more robust feel while still being far lighter than most keyboards.

Who's the Penclic C3 for?

This keyboard is built for agile workers (we have a very informative info pack on exactly what agile working is here ›) It's compact - narrower than a piece of A4 paper - so the perfect size to slip into the front pocket of your laptop bag.

The small size also keeps your hands more central to your body - a core principal when it comes to desktop ergonomics. It avoids over stretching and reaching, which is often associated with musculoskeletal disorders such as RSI.

If data entry is a frequent part of your job then you may be interested in getting an external number pad, like the Penclic Number Pad N2, or the wireless Penclic Number Pad NB2.

What's the Penclic C3 build quality like?

The Penclic C3 has a sturdy aluminium casing, which gives it a durable, high quality feel that feels like it's also going to last.

What's it like to use the Penclic C3?

The low-profile keys are satisfying and effortless to press, although some people might prefer a more tactile response for long periods of writing. The keys are also very quiet, making this a great product to use to avoid annoying other people while you're out in public or in a shared office. Due to its small size, the Penclic C3 is perfect for on-the-go computing, or as an external keyboard for when you use your laptop with a stand.

Another ergonomic feature is the flat profile, which encourages your hands into a more neutral position to avoid pain and discomfort while typing.


10/10 for looks. The blue return key and detailing add a stylish edge to what can be a pretty uninspiring product. The ergonomic features are subtle yet thoughtful. For agile workers, this is the perfect keyboard. Compact yet still highly functional, comfortably and quiet to use, easy to slip in and out of your bag. Plug and play so no faffing around with recharging batteries.

You can buy your Penclic C3 for £79.99 inc VAT here ›