ONGO Seat – an easy and fun way to exercise while sitting

Ongo StoolMost people now recognise that too much time spent sitting at work is bad for the body. So wouldn’t it be great if you could build some exercise into the working day without having to leave your workstation? That’s now possible with the fantastically simple, but incredibly clever, ONGO seat.

The impressive German-designed and built seat actively encourages movement while sitting which, in turn, helps to prevent a build-up of tension, strengthen back muscles and improve posture.

We have recently been appointed sole UK distributor for the ONGO seat which has a unique ball track device built into its convex base which enables the stool to follow every movement the sitter makes and provides audible feedback every time the sitting position is altered.

This feedback function makes the ONGO seat an innovative and fun piece of fitness equipment for the office or home. Certain exercises, such as, circling the hips, will make the ball rotate full circle around the track, and it’s possible to incorporate specific and effective workouts into the daily routine.  Interchangeable balls – steel, glass or rubber – vary the level of difficulty for the exercises.

Posturite CEO, Ian Fletcher-Price, said: “The ONGO seat provides an easy and fun way to build exercise into everyday lives, and enhance people’s well-being and energy levels.

“It’s an unfortunate fact of modern life that lots of us spend much of our time in a seated position, even though the human body is made for movement. The ONGO seat strikes a balance between these apparently conflicting needs. Naturally, you can sit on it - dynamically. But you can also move on it. The curved base responds to any shift in weight, activating the body's musculature.

“The ball track built into the foot of the ONGO seat gives acoustic feedback on every movement. When you hear the ball humming along the track, you know you're moving in the right direction.”

Available in a range of colours, the ONGO seat is height adjustable via a high quality gas spring. It is priced at £229 (ex-VAT).

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