Our new improved Penguin has a baby on the way

Penguin Ambidextrous Vertical MouseIt’s barely 18 months old, yet our Penguin – the world’s first truly ambidextrous vertical mouse – has already had its first makeover and is about to produce a ‘chick’!

All sorts of features have been added to the wireless version of the Penguin to improve both performance and user experience.

For example, it now comes with a rechargeable battery and a charging spool and dongle which allow the battery to be recharged via a USB port. And to help conserve battery life, the Penguin now goes into ‘sleep’ mode after 20 seconds of non-use. Any movement wakes it up again. An on/off button has also been added to the base.

When the battery does begin to get low, a subtle backlight in the ‘P’ logo on the rear surface flashes to indicate that it needs recharging. It also flashes and then stops when the default 400 DPI setting is changed and the new one selected.

However, perhaps the most exciting news is that there is – or shortly will be – a new baby Penguin on the way.

The current large and medium sized Penguins will be joined later this summer by a new model to fit smaller hands.

Posturite’s CEO Ian Fletcher-Price explained: “Lots of customers have been asking for a slightly smaller version of both the wired and wireless Penguin either because they themselves have more petite hands or they want their children to use one.

“Young people today are spending increasing amounts of time on their computers, so it makes sense for them to also be protected against the health problems associated with over-use of a traditional mouse.

“From this August, therefore, there will be three sizes of Penguins from which to choose making it almost certain that we can accommodate all hand sizes.”

The Penguin has been a phenomenal success since it was introduced in late 2010 and is now helping thousands of computer users throughout the UK, Europe and North America to protect themselves against the most common upper limb disorders caused by repetitive use of the dominant hand.  The Penguin allows users to swap their mouse hand regularly throughout the day without interrupting their workflow.

For more information visit www.posturite.co.uk or call 0845 345 0010.