Our Penguins are flying out of the warehouse

Who said Penguins can’t get aerial? Ours have been flying out of our warehouse at a fantastic rate over the last few weeks.

In fact we’ve never had a new product that has created quite as much interest as our Penguin ambidextrous vertical mouse. Very quickly it has become the must-have product for anyone who spends a lot of time using a computer mouse. That’s because it offers them fresh standards of protection against the health problems commonly associated with repetitive use of the dominant hand.

This is what one satisfied customer – a Health & Safety manager, no less – had to say about the Penguin once he’d tried it.

“I have installed it on my desktop PC and I had to write to thank you – what a difference from other devices that I have tried. I had quite forgotten how comfortable it was from when I tried it last year at safety & Health Expo 2010.

“I have been a trackball user for over 10 years now, mainly because I am left handed and it is reasonably easy to switch buttons in the Control Panel, but I am not only impressed with the comfort but also the way in which the Penguin responds, together with the ease with which I can switch from right to left handed use - and back again – I will seriously consider installing a Penguin on multi-user set-ups.”

In addition, a competition to win a Penguin run by OS magazine, the UK’s premier journal for office managers, PAs and senior secretaries, attracted well over 1,000 entries – a sizeable slice of its total audience. Another competition, in the well-respected Office Equipment News publication, was similarly successful.

They’re all interested in getting their hands on a Penguin because it’s the first vertical mouse that allows them to share the workload between their hands without interrupting their work flow. With musculoskeletal conditions topping the list of reasons why people take time off work sick, anything that can be done to help prevent or ease the causes or symptoms of work-related upper limb disorders is welcome in both personal and economic terms.

The Penguin comes in both wired and wireless versions, and in two sizes. Prices are from £49.95 (ex VAT).

Find out what all the fuss is about by visiting the Penguin page on our website or call us on 0345 345 0010.