Our RMS takes the burden out of health and safety compliance

rms-blogFed up with the hassles, complexities and time involved in making sure you keep on top of all aspects of health and safety compliance?

We have the answer.

Our secure, configurable and easy-to-use online Risk Management System (RMS) will relieve you of much of the burden of managing your organisation’s safety information and allow you to streamline and simplify your risk assessments.

Our RMS automates processes, analyses data and provides real-time information on your organisation’s performance - making it much more than just a document store.

It stores and manages all your risk assessments – current or historic – and provides you with a list of actions, risks and hazards. It will even email users to alert them of outstanding or impeding actions.

The dashboard will provide you with all the reports, statistics and overviews you might need to ensure your organisation is always compliant and safe.

RMS can be easily adapted to complement your current safety management model, utilising your existing inspection forms and audit reports.

Like our web-based e-learning courses, RMS is accessed online so there will be virtually no impact on your existing IT systems or your IT team.

If you would like us to demonstrate the system, call us on 0345 345 0030 or visit WorkRite

You’ll also learn a lot more about the RMS if you listened to our April webinar which you can now find here.