Our Seating Specialist David Kirtley reviews the HÅG Futu Mesh

Our Seating Specialist David Kirtley documents his experience of receiving and using the HÅG Futu for a week. Let's see how he got on.

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The Futu is like the kid at school that when you first met them, you weren’t too impressed. You made your mind up and then didn’t really get on with for the next few years. It’s not like you didn’t like them, it’s just that you were indifferent to them...

15 years on, you meet them properly again and realise they’re pretty cool. What were you thinking?

So, when Flokk launched the original Futu, I wasn’t that impressed. I thought that the foam was too firm, the adjustments were a bit clunky, and the backrest too hard against the plastic shell. It was hard to get on with.

Fast forward over a decade and we have the Futu ‘remastered’. The foam is a lot softer, which means its nicer to sit in. They have fine-tuned the adjustments so that they are easier to use and less fiddly, and since 2018 they have introduced the mesh backrest as an addition to the Futu family.

I won’t recommend a chair unless I have tried and tested it for at least week. I've heard other ‘professionals’ in our sector talk about chairs and recommend them to clients.

First things first – it’s easy to build. The chair does come in parts and boxed. Quite simply this is the most environmentally credible way of delivering a chair. HÅG (and Posturite) can transport more chairs in a single space and they are easier to handle. I'm pleased with how easy the assembly was and I realise this is all part of HÅG's intention. They wanted to design an easy user experience even from the early assembly stage, so that it's a chair anyone can use without needing a technician to set it up for them.

I've opted for the grey chair to use at home. It fits in better than the black version that I have had before, and looks wise, it’s slim, and thankfully does away with the chunky profile some other ergonomic chairs have. I like the look of it and the standard armrests work with the angles of the chair – it works in a home office environment which not many chairs do.

It comes in seven standard colours, with either a black or silver base. Having seen them lined up, I actually like all of the colours. I think some colours work better on the black base compared to the silver – but that’s my preference.

Best of all, it’s really easy to use - similarly to the more expensive HÅG SoFi chair, it doesn’t need to be set up perfectly to be comfortable. We’ve gone with the slightly taller gas stem as standard – we are all getting taller, and I find that the shorter gas stem doesn’t quite go high enough for me (I’m 6ft 2). The taller one goes low enough for shorter users, so its win win.

The balance mechanism is EXACTLY the same as the SoFi, it’s just packaged in a different way. I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t like this feature on the HÅG chairs yet. It's officially called HÅG inBalance® technology and you can see this in the video that goes alongside this.


The first step is to adjust the height of the chair so that you’re in a position of balance. You then pull the backrest in, which then slots nicely into the lumbar area of the back. There is an option of the additional lumbar support - I prefer it with lumbar support, rather than without. The lumbar support is cleverly designed, as there's a small scallop cut out of the plastic, so the contact points are against the back muscles and NOT the spine. It’s a subtle thing, but I think it makes a big difference. It’s not like the flaky plastic panels you find on other chairs – this makes a difference, and doesn’t just tick a box.

The standard armrests offer height and width, which I think is enough – I’d prefer them be padded – but that's probably my only criticism of the chair so far. There are 2 options on the armrests, ones with a sliding rotating top, and also leather topped armrests. Both are worthy of the upgrade if you want the additional comfort or adjustment.

After a few days, I've hardly noticed my chair. I know from experience that this is a good thing. When you notice your office chair, it's usually for all the wrong reasons - it's broken, uncomfortable, or even causing you pain and injury.

I think the point of the HÅG Futu is to blend into the background. It's subtle but functional. It may lack the glamour and pizzazz of its close cousin SoFi, but it's also much cheaper at around £150-£200 (list price, depending on spec). It takes seconds to adjust, and at home I switch between sitting and standing anyway. It's comfortable, and I like the fact that the designers have softened the padding on the seat from the original Futu. One of HÅG’s mottoes is ‘moving, without thinking’ and I guess this does it perfectly. I know I move when I'm sitting, but this isn't a conscious thing – I just do it.

So, like that kid at school – was I wrong? Maybe. But the chair has evolved and matured (as have I). It’s easy to get on with, it’s comfortable, and to be honest – it’s pretty cool!

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