Penguin comes out on top in American study

Penguin Usability StudyThe Penguin, Posturite’s unique ambidextrous vertical mouse, has come out on top in a major usability study carried out in America by VSI Risk Management & Ergonomics of California.

The study compared the usability of the Penguin with three other mouse designs – the Evoluent, the 3-M Renaissance, and a standard mouse. It was carried out over a five week period with 22 users at two separate sites spending at least six hours each day on the computer and using each mouse for six days.

Each mouse was assessed for accuracy and precision; efficiency and productivity; optimal wrist and finger postures; comfort; and user preference for design and usability.

At the end of the study period:

  • 90% said the Penguin was the most comfortable mouse to use
  • 82% said the Penguin had superior design and usability
  • 16% of users who had reported discomfort in their dominant mousing hand prior to the study reported less discomfort after one week’s use of the Penguin
  • 17 (77.3%) of the 22 users chose to keep the Penguin at the end of the study compared with just two who chose the Evoluent; two who chose the 3-M Renaissance and one (aged 60-plus) who elected to stick with the standard mouse.

In specially-conducted tests carried out during the study:

  • The Penguin proved more accurate and precise than the 3-M Renaissance.
  • The Penguin proved more efficient and productive than the Evoluent, the 3-M Renaissance and the standard mouse.
  • Wrist extension was less with the Penguin than with both the Evoluent and the standard mouse.
  • Ulnar deviation was less with the Penguin than with the standard mouse.
  •  The Penguin demonstrated a greater degree of palmar abduction than the conventional mouse(a smaller degree reflects the gripping and/or squeezing of the mouse that could cause a strain on the thumb)

All users said they could use the Penguin for an entire day (sometimes more than eight hours) without experiencing discomfort. The features of the Penguin which particularly impressed were the visual display notifying them of the charging status; the battery-saving ‘sleep mode’; and the easily-stored dongle in the cordless model.

Posturite CEO Ian Fletcher-Price commented: “Obviously we are delighted with the results of the study which proves everything we have been saying about the Penguin. We’ve always maintained that once people have given it a try they wouldn’t want to go back to any other mouse. This emphatically proves the point.”

Read the study report in full (PDF).