Penguin heralds a breakthrough in safe computer mousing

Posturite has produced the first truly ambidextrous vertical mouse. Called the Penguin, the new mouse was unveiled at the 2010 Safety & Health Expo in Birmingham in May.

Even before the Penguin went on show it, was being heralded as a major breakthrough in the battle to beat health problems created when computer users spend too much time handling a conventional mouse.

Posturite chief executive Ian Fletcher-Price explained: “The Penguin sets new standards of protection against conditions such as repetitive strain injury (RSI) or carpel tunnel syndrome (CTS). It virtually eliminates the need for wrist axis rotation, dramatically reducing stress to the carpal tunnel nerve and muscle strain in the forearm.”

The Penguin is the result of more than 18 months development work carried out in conjunction with the University of Brighton’s Product Development Centre in Hastings.

Its revolutionary ergonomic design was initiated by members of Posturite’s senior management team who were each presented with a lump of clay and challenged by Ian Fletcher-Price to fashion the perfect mouse.

What they came up with was far from the finished article, but there were enough good ideas for Ian to take to the University of Brighton’s Innovation Centre where the product development team and Posturite’s own ergonomic experts gradually refined the design.

The end result is a product that Ian believes will quickly become the market leader. “Once people have picked up a Penguin, they won’t want to use any other mouse,” he said.

The real beauty of the Penguin is its sheer simplicity. The symmetrical base allows the user to rest their left or right hand comfortably alongside the vertical structure and encourages the use of the bigger muscles in the fore and upper arm to manoeuvre the mouse.

A ‘bow-tie’ switch at the front, which intuitively changes the direction of the scroll wheel, enables an easy transfer from right to left handed use. Regular switching of hands throughout the working day helps prevent a build-up of static muscle strain (SMS).

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