Penguin is the new must-have technology

The Penguin, our revolutionary new ambidextrous vertical mouse, has been a sensation since it was launched a few months ago.

Sales have shot through the roof as word has got around that the Penguin is the new must-have technology for computer users looking to give themselves extra protection against work-related upper limb disorders.

Complimentary comments about the Penguin have been coming in almost as fast as the mouse has been selling. We particularly liked this one from a health and safety adviser for a leading company in the North East. He described the Penguin as “smooth, comfortable and accurate handling,” adding, “I hardly knew it was there.... excellent piece of kit, whether you’re ambidextrous or not.”

The Penguin’s success is down to the fact that it is the first vertical mouse that allows users to share the workload between their hands without interrupting their work flow. With musculoskeletal conditions topping the list of reasons why people take time off work sick, it represents a major breakthrough in the battle to help prevent or ease the causes or symptoms of work-related upper limb disorders.

The Penguin comes in both wired and wireless versions, and in two sizes. Prices are from £49.95 (ex VAT). Click here to find out more or place an order.