People are willing to risk their health to use tech

The rise of tech neck isn't putting us off using our digital devices, despite over half of us experiencing pain as a direct result. 

tech neck

New research from the British Chiropractic Association (BCA) reveals the extent of our attachment to digital technology. In fact, even the threat of back or neck problems won't stop us from browsing Facebook, tweeting, or watching films on-the-go.

Over half of those questioned for the BCA study (56%) said they experienced pain after using a digital device. Only 27% had limited or completely stopped using their devices to reduce the pain.

Writing in the Huffington Post, Rishi Loatly of the BCA said: "As a chiropractor I find it quite amazing that people are willing to potentially sacrifice their physical health for the sake of keeping a continual eye on twitter, playing computer games hunched over a laptop, or catching up on the latest box-set online."

So which technology is the biggest pain in the neck? Here are the percentages of people who reported pain after using each device:

  • Video consoles - 17%
  • Tablet - 20%
  • Smartphones - 22%
  • Laptops - 35%
  • Desktop computer - 35%

Desktop computers and laptops still come out tops for causing pain - no surprise considering most of us use one - or both, to carry out daily work tasks. But smartphone and tablet technology is becoming increasingly useful in a professional context as more of us adopt agile working practices. We're bound to see a rise in the number of people suffering from injuries related to smartphone/tablet use.

So what are we doing about it?


We've been tackling computer-related musculoskeletal pain for over 26 years. No matter how technology changes, our anatomy stays the same and there are certain rules we need to follow to stay safe and comfortable. As you can see in our graphic, the more you hang your head, the greater the weight exerted on your spine and the more at risk you are of injury.

We've sourced and developed a range of devices to help tackle tech neck, including:

Tabetha Freestanding Tablet Mount

Tabetha puts a stop to ‘tech neck’. With this beautifully designed freestanding tablet mount you no longer need to hunch over in uncomfortable positions to work or play on your tablet. The stand brings your tablet up to eye-level to help you achieve the perfect ergonomic position.

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TabletRiser - Mobile Tablet Holder

The innovative TabletRiser is a tablet case that easily flips open to become an ergonomic workplace. The TabletRiser makes it possible to adjust your tablet to any conceivable position. This means that you can make better use of your tablet for a longer time without any back, neck or shoulder complaints.

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Slim Cool Laptop Stand

Ultra slim portable laptop stand. Although only 18.2cm in width when folded, the telescopic side bars can slide out to provide a wide support and also help to keep the laptop cool as they allow for increased airflow.

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