Personal stories: Back pain during pregnancy

Posturite's internal account manager Nicola Raine understands exactly how far pain can affect your everyday life. Here, she shares her story of back pain during pregnancy.  Posturite's internal account manager Nicola Raine

I slipped two discs in my lower back whilst pregnant with my third child.

It all began with a sneeze

It happened when I sneezed in bed whilst reaching to turn my alarm off for work one morning. I have never felt pain like it and was sure that I was paralysed! I spent two weeks in a wheelchair and months in agony unable to take prescription drugs due to being pregnant. Sadly, I was unable to lie correctly to see scans of my baby due to the pain. Throughout the whole pregnancy I worried – so pain really does affect people mentally as well as physically. I recovered naturally after birth – this may have been down to running around after the three kiddies! Working for Posturite is the first job that has fully catered to my needs for my back and that I am very grateful for."

If you would like to share your back pain story and feature on this blog, please email it to Zoe. When an employee suffers back pain at work, it's important to make reasonable adjustments to help them get on with their tasks as comfortably as possible. Book an ergonomic assessment with one of our qualified professionals to find out what can be done to improve the employee's immediate surroundings.