Posture-boosting gift ideas for Father's Day

Good posture is as vital as keeping fit. If your old man is starting to walk like one, then maybe he needs a little assistance from a posture-boosting gadget this Father's Day. 

Forget novelty socks, chocolates or 'best dad' mugs. Here are some some ideas for Father's Day gifts that really will improve his life.

Lumo lift Posture Coach

[caption id="attachment_3434" align="alignnone" width="1000"] Lumo Lift app interface[/caption]

Wearables are all the rage but the tiny Lumo Lift doesn't just track your activity, it also coaches you on how to sit up straight. Wear it clipped to your clothes throughout the day and receive gentle buzzes when you start to slouch. Sync with the app to track your calories, fitness and posture over time. Perfect for office workers.

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BodyPartner Posture Enhancing T-Shirt

This intelligent T-shirt helps with long term muscle memory and enables the body to move and function the way it should, reducing muscle fatigue and lower back slumping, helping with rounded shoulders and unhealthy posture.

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Sit-stand starter kit

Sit-stand starter kit

If your dad can barely tear himself away from his computer then what he needs is a sit-stand desk. Our starter kit is one of the most reasonably priced on the market and even comes with an ergonomic compact mouse and keyboard set.

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Tabetha tablet stand

Help your dad avoid dreaded 'tech neck' with this ergonomic accessory for his tablet or iPad. The Tabetha is adjustable so users can find the most comfortable position to browse, play and work.

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