Posture Pouch offers double protection

Protect yourself and your laptop with the Posture Pouch which doubles as both a laptop stand and protective carrier.

This unique, British-made product was awarded the FIRA Ergonomic Excellence Award in 2009. The award certificate stated: "The Posture Pouch laptop stand has shown to have excellent ergonomic features to improve the health and wellbeing of VDT users."

It provides users with an easy set-up, multiple-angle stand for their laptops, while also offering them extra protection for their computer while they’re on the move.

Constructed from durable nylon, with both padded and rigid sections, it provides an ideal ergonomic solution for the growing army of mobile workers. It even incorporates a document holder for additional health protection.

The Posture Pouch is easily attached to the computer using a Velcro attachment system, and its extra padding gives additional heat insulation when using your computer on your lap.

Available for both 14.1-15 inch and  laptop models, the Posture Pouch costs £59.99 for the smaller version and £64.99 for the larger one (both exc-VAT).

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