Posturite joins the Business Disability Forum

business-disability-forum_blogThe Business Disability Forum (BDF), an organisation dedicated to helping public and private sector organisations to become fully accessible to disabled employees and customers, has gained a powerful new member.

Posturite, the UK’s leading ergonomics company, has joined the Forum, adding its considerable weight and expertise to BDF’s task of encouraging more businesses to become ‘disability smart’.

Already well known for its work in helping scores of businesses nationwide to meet the needs of employees with health issues, Posturite holds a 60%-plus share of the UK market for curative ergonomic products, it is also one of the country’s leading providers of DSE assessments, DSE Assessor training, Assistive Technology and its Reasonable Adjustments service helps guide hundreds of people with health issues back into work every year.

Posturite sees becoming a member of the Business Disability Forum as a logical extension of its own work helping companies to improve business performance by increasing accessibility and productivity.

CEO Ian Fletcher-Price said: “We offer many of the products and services aligned to the ethos of the BDF that we feel our association with them it is a perfect fit.

“Every year we talk to hundreds of businesses around the UK about the enablement of individuals via assistive technology, ergonomics and training. We feel passionate about the subjects and about helping organisations to increase productivity by becoming fully accessible – aims we share with the BDF.

“I hope that by becoming a member of the Forum we will not only be able to pass on some of our experience and expertise, but also gain from others’ experiences. There are always new things we can learn. We will begin by undertaking a thorough self-assessment of all departments to see how we can improve our own communications, resources and internal standards.  Our aim is to have a positive impact not just on our employees but on our clients and suppliers too.

The Business Disability Forum has more than 20 years’ experience of working with public and private sector organisations. Its members employ almost 20% of the UK workforce and together they seek to remove the barriers between organisations and disabled people.

It provides pragmatic support by sharing expertise, giving advice, providing training and facilitating networking opportunities in order to help organisations to become fully accessible to disabled customers and employees.

Becoming disability-smart is a catalyst for making organisations more productive and more effective. The business benefits are proven; stronger leadership and more productive employees, more effective talent recruitment, more innovative products and use of new technology, stronger customer relationships and a better overall reputation.