Posturite joins the exclusive Investor in People club

Posturite has been awarded coveted Investor in People status, joining an exclusive group of UK employers eligible to use and display the sought-after Investor in People logo and plaque.

The award is a huge feather in the cap for our 100-plus employees across the country, many of whom were interviewed by the Investor in People assessor when he spent several days with us late last year.

The comments we received in his post-assessment report were not only favourable, they were positively glowing! Here are just a few of them.

  • "The organisation's strategic framework, including its vision, principles, purpose and mission, is at the heart of the organisation’s approach to planning."
  • "Social responsibility is embedded within the culture of the organisation."
  • "The organisation is clearly committed to the ongoing development of people."
  • "The organisation has a clear strategy to deal with the management of succession and the assessor was fortunate to speak to a number of interviewees who had been grown from within."
  • "All interviewees were clearly committed to the success of the organisation."
  • "People discussed the pride and satisfaction they get from the knowledge that the work they do is directly impacting on people 'with needs'."

At the end of the lengthy report, the examining panel expressed their delight with the outcome. They wrote: "It is great to read of a strong, collaborative team, united and working with senior leaders to achieve clear goals and objectives in a supportive environment. Clearly a company to be proud of and one in which everyone wants to contribute to its success."

Posturite chief executive Ian Fletcher-Price commented: “We could barely have wished for a better outcome from the assessor’s visit.

“We do our best to make our people feel wanted and valued and to offer them personal and career opportunities, but we can never be sure we’re getting it right. Having an independent person scrutinising all our practices and procedures and then giving us a ringing endorsement is very satisfying.”