Posturite start a wellbeing cycle

charlotteThis year, our head office team - based in Berwick - have taken part in a number of wellbeing-focussed activities with the support of Sustrans. Sustrans are a UK based charity who encourage people to explore alternative means of travel.

Sustrans have been absolutely fantastic to Posturite. They introduced the travel choice challenge, where staff were encouraged to log their different modes of transport – by foot, cycling, car sharing, walking – for a month in order to win a prize for the person who logged most environmentally-friendly journeys

They provided us with easit cards which gave staff discount on their travel, they brought two bikes to head office for us to use on our lunch breaks which we have been allowed to keep and even sent a member of staff to our head office for the day to conduct maintenance on our own bikes. To top it all off, they organised a fun day with a smoothie bike and some one-on-one eco driver training.

We’re really grateful to Sustrans for the great activities and support they have arranged for us this year, and look forward to working with them again in 2016!