Posturite’s medical supplies division hits the web

Posturite’s Occupational Health and First Aid division, MediRite, has unveiled its website to the world. The website includes a massive range of quality products, including First Aid kits and supplies, infection control kits, signs, medical essentials, defibrillators, gloves and a wide selection of First Aid training. Special web-only offers are also included on the site. All the most popular lines are warehoused at Posturite’s headquarters in East Sussex, who provide a 48-hour supply route to most UK companies.

As usual, you will receive the brilliant level of service you have come to expect from Posturite, including great offers, fast delivery and fantastic customer service.

E-commerce is fast becoming the standard medium for purchasing medical supplies as it has many obvious benefits, like the ‘see before you buy’ appeal that can’t always be offered by other media.

Navigation through our site couldn’t be simpler as our categories are clear and the layout is intuitive. We aim to provide a minimal-click, hassle-free shopping experience. Couple this with not having the bother of phoning or faxing through an order and it’s quite clear why more and more companies and individuals purchase their medical supplies online with us.

One feature that stands out on the MediRite site is the ability to book training courses online. The site has a large First Aid training section where you can choose any of the fifteen courses and fill out a simple form that posts directly to the MediRite training organiser, who will then contact you with further details. Amongst the courses we are looking to add an option to receive First Aid training at home; that’s right, we will come to you with a customisable course to suit your needs. This is already available to those in the North West.

When MediRite first launched, it extended Posturite’s services massively, creating a unique one-stop shop within the Occupational Health sector. With the launch of this website, it has now extended even further and continues to be one of the leading names in Occupational Health.

Shop online now and keep up to date with new products and services that we regularly update.