Returning to the workplace after lockdown - free help pack

Well-organised risk management will be key to creating a ‘COVID-safe’ work environment when the time comes to return to site.

This will involve measures such as redesigning work spaces for easier social distancing, equipping staff to work safely and productively from home, and developing other policies and protocols that limit physical contact with minimal disruption to work. 

In her recent webinar with one of the country's top health and safety lawyers, our Head Consultant Katharine Metters discussed factors to consider when drawing up your own post-lockdown strategy.

Now you can download all of her advice in our free help pack, or contact our consulting team for specific advice.

Our help pack contains information about:

  • Return to work risk assessment
  • Identifying vulnerable employees
  • Establishing your business' specific needs
  • Homeworking considerations
  • Phased working
  • Site issues
  • Cleaning
  • Visitor policies
  • Ventilation considerations
  • Maintaining other health and safety matters
  • Protective wear
  • Employees with specific needs
  • Tracking and tracing
  • Communicating rules and policies

Download your free return to site help guide here