Roll up, roll up for the new RiteBar computer mouse!

Posturite RiteBar Posturite RiteBar

One of our new products that caused most excitement at the Safety & Health Expo was the RiteBar, our exclusive ‘own label’ version of the rollerbar-style computer mouse.

Designed to sit immediately in front of your keyboard, the RiteBar offers complete freedom, functionality and flexibility with less physical strain and greater precision.

Its low profile makes it easier for you to work with your hands and wrists resting flat on your desk or table – the most comfortable and ergonomically efficient position for your body.

Because you’re able to use the fingertips of either hand to move the rollerbar, you are much less likely to suffer any sort of repetitive strain injury.

Sensors inside the textured rollerbar automatically track the cursor position, cleverly adapting to your pace of work in order to decrease micro movements and increase efficiency.

The RiteBar, which is priced at £169.99 (ex-VAT), joins an impressive stable of ergonomic alternatives to the traditional computer mouse headed by our unique and top-selling Penguin ambidextrous vertical mouse.

Visit our website to see our complete range of ergonomic mice or call us on 0345 345 0010 if you would like to speak to someone for advice about which would be the best choice for you.