Save 15% on our exclusive Assistive Technology bundle

Get the Sonocent Audio Notetaker and Olympus VN-5500PC digital voice recorder for just £99.99 (normally £116.74)

The Sonocent Audio Notetaker is a new and unique software package that helps you navigate, annotate and organise your digital voice recordings.

It provides you with a visual representation of your recordings, enabling you to navigate and edit them with a few simple keystrokes while also being able to add text and images.

Use it to help you develop content for coursework; for revision; to transcribe recordings; to keep a record of important meetings; or to compile reports.

Audio Notetaker is of particular benefit to people with dyslexia and those who find it difficult to make notes or review recordings. Edit and export your recording to your portable audio device or notes to Microsoft Word in a few simple steps.

For a limited period, our assistive technology division is offering the Audio Notetaker and the versatile Olympus VN-5500PC digital audio recorder at a special package price of £99.99 – a 15% saving on the normal £116.74 (both prices ex-VAT).

To order, visit the assistive technology section on our website, call 0845 345 0010 or email