Save time and money with our bespoke online induction training

bespoke-induction-blogE-learning is now firmly established as the method of choice for most organisations to deliver essential health and safety training to their office staff.

But now more and more companies are also choosing e-learning to deliver their induction training.

WorkRite has created bespoke online induction courses for a number of clients who recognise them as a much more convenient, consistent, cost-effective and speedy way of getting new staff on-boarded.

In several cases companies have totally replaced their traditional face-to-face induction training sessions with our specially written e-learning courses. By doing so they have been able to show significant savings in time, manpower and cost.

Others have opted to combine the old and the new, using e-learning for more standard parts of the induction process and face-to-face training where role or location-specific information is required.

By linking the bespoke induction course to our new intuitive ‘training matrix’, it is also possible to determine which courses from our fast-growing e-learning library would be most relevant to each person’s role within the organisation.

These can then be bundled together into flexible packages that offer a far more cost-effective compliancy solution than having to buy a number of individual licences.

Because every organisation’s needs are different, all of our induction courses are unique. We take a detailed brief, write the course, produce the graphics and put it together into an interesting, stimulating and easily digestible package that new employees can complete at their own desks and at a time that best suits them.

As with all our other e-learning courses, the induction course is supported by our unique online management system which captures essential information, creates reports, and provides a fully-auditable trail of actions required or taken.

Induction training is just one example of the bespoke programs that we can create to amplify our ever-expanding library of standard e-learning courses.

Almost any subject can be catered for. All our bespoke courses are developed to the very highest standards using best practice learning methodology drawn from our years of experience in both classroom and computer-based training environments.

Numerous interactive and media aspects can be incorporated to enhance the learning experience. We will guide you through the entire design process to make sure that your unique product achieves your desired learning outcome in the most time and cost-efficient way.

If you would like to know more, speak to your local account manager, call national sales manager Ryan Church on 07966 973110 or email him at [email protected].