Sky boss stands up for a healthier lifestyle

Sky boss Jeremy Darroch is obviously a man who believes in standing up for a healthy workplace.

When Daily Mail writer Lucy Fardon visited him at his Isleworth office, she was surprised to find him standing at his desk.

She even mentioned it in her lengthy profile. In her introduction, she wrote: “Jeremy Darroch is standing up straight, tapping into his computer while overlooking a dreary business park…. As befits a media executive, an open-necked Darroch uses a waist-height ergonomic desk with no chair to conduct his business.”

The article also quoted the BskyB chief executive, a keep-fit fan, as saying: 'It is much easier having a difficult conversation when you are standing up.'

But that is only one of many benefits that can be enjoyed by users of height-adjustable desks like Jeremy’s that allow people to change regularly between sitting and standing without interrupting their work.

This has the effect of:

  • Improving blood circulation
  • Boosting concentration
  • Providing essential relief from a static posture
  • Offering the flexibility to adjust the working position to suit the task in hand
  • Increasing alertness and productivity

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