Sustainable ergonomic products that don't cost the earth

Illustration showing renewable energy, recycling, environmentally friendly transport, and planting of trees and plants

With the recent COP26 climate change conference dominating headlines, more questions around sustainability and responsible use of the planet’s natural resources are being asked than ever.

Sustainability in manufacturing has a long and complex history, with environmental best practices evolving over decades and legislation forming to set rules on how materials are sourced and replenished, how they are disposed of, and how they are manufactured into finished products.

At Posturite sustainability is a fundamental company value. This applies to both the ergonomic products that we sell, and the relationships we have with our suppliers, manufacturers, partners and customers. We follow a variety of ISO standards and certifications to ensure that as much of our product range as possible is designed, produced and transported responsibly.

To show our commitment to the environment, this November we are putting our own spin on Black Friday - imaginatively retitled Green Friday! For seven days we are highlighting a selection of responsibly produced products, to prove that excellent ergonomics don’t have to come at the expense of the planet.

Here’s a few examples of sustainable products that we sell, and how they are responsibly produced…

DeskRite Electric Sit-Stand Desk series

DeskRite 350 Electric Sit-STand Desk

Our flagship sit-stand desk range brings the freedom to sit or stand during work, with considerate engineering that provides long lasting movement and a slimline, minimalist look that is perfect for the office or home.

The tabletop is made from fully Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified wood, meaning that the timber can be traced throughout the supply chain back to FSC-certified forests. These are forests which are managed in an environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable manner. Read more about the FSC on their website.

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Muvman Stool, 3Dee Active Office Chair & Cloonch Standing Seat

Muvman Stool, 3Dee Active Office Chair and Cloonch Standing Seat

These ergonomic seating options are supplied by Aeris, a German manufacturer who are firmly opposed to throwaway fast-furniture culture. As a result their products are produced by hand, with an emphasis on long service life and high quality manufacturing. Replacement parts are available for repairs.

In the early 2000’s the Aeris production facilities were equipped with solar panels, which now provide energy to themselves and the wider energy grid, and their vehicle fleet is steadily being converted to electric vehicles. Components are developed in-house using almost exclusively recyclable materials. Find out more about Aeris’s sustainability initiatives on their website.

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TriRite Footrest

TriRite Footrest

Footrests are an often-overlooked ingredient in maintaining correct posture at your workstation. The TriRite Footrest is a robust, simple solution with three angle adjustments to encourage good circulation in the lower body. Best of all, this product is made entirely in the UK from fully recyclable materials, which reduces its carbon footprint.

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Backapp Smart & Backapp 360

Backapp Smart & Backapp 360

The Backapp Smart chair’s distinctive design increases your movement while sitting, helping to reduce back pain through constantly stimulating the muscles used to keep balance. The manufacturer Backapp have built environmental protection into all aspects of their production. These chairs are designed for a long life span and built with components that are produced locally in Scandinavia; have been made with carefully selected and certified materials; and can be easily replaced and recycled. Read more on the Backapp website.

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CBS Flo, Ollin & Lima Monitor Arms

CSB Monitor Arm

Colebrook Bosson Saunders have put sustainability at the forefront of their product design and manufacturing for over 30 years, with consideration for the social and environmental impacts of everything they produce. CBS products are made with high quality materials to extend their lifespan. Chemical bonding and glues are avoided to allow for easy disassembly, so individual components can be separated and recycled where possible.

Their Flo, Ollin and Lima monitor arms all come with Declare labelling, an initiative provided by the non-profit International Living Future Institute. Declare labels give maximum transparency on the materials used in a product, and allows manufacturers to screen against a list of materials which have been shown to pollute the environment, reach toxic levels in the food chain, or cause harm to those who manufacture or use the product. Learn more on the CBS website.

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WFH Folding Desk

The WFH Folding Desk

The newest fixed height desk in our range is not only a beautiful, strong, space-saving home desking solution - it’s also a great example of modern sustainability from design to production. This desk was designed by Deskmate and Cambridge-based designer Leanne Yip, and is built in small batches to the highest quality standards by a Midlands-based family run business.

The desk is built using recycled natural plywood, which in turn can be easily recycled at the end of its life span. And best of all, Deskmate have partnered with One Tree Planted to plant a tree for every WFH Folding Desk sold - putting reforestation at the heart of their business.

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HÅG Capisco 8106, HÅG Capisco Puls 8020, HÅG SoFi 7500 & RH New Logic 220 chairs

HÅG Capisco Puls 8020 Office Chair

The Scandinavian manufacturer Flokk pride themselves on 40+ years of environmental focus, and consider themselves to be the leader in the development of sustainable workplace furniture.

Earlier this year Flokk announced a range of sustainability goals for the year 2030, pledging a reduction in their carbon footprint through less energy-intensive production methods; more renewable energy consumption; minimising waste and producing components locally; and an ever-increasing use of recycled and renewable materials in their products. Many of Flokk’s components are already made of recycled plastics, aluminium and steel.

Flokk’s commitment to sustainability resulted in an award at the 2021 Plastics Recycling Awards Europe; recognition of their work in developing a limited edition run of the HÅG Capisco Puls chair which was produced from recycled materials - in this case, discarded plastic snow plough markers.

You can read more about Flokk’s sustainability history and goals on their website.

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Homeworker Plus, Homeworker Mesh Back, Positiv Plus & PlayaOne Gaming chairs

Posturite MDK Chairs

Our manufacturing partner MDK have a clear commitment to protect natural resources, prevent pollution and reduce waste. This can be seen in their use of QR codes on products which direct users to operation and assembly instructions, rather than providing printed manuals - a move that saves roughly 50,000 sheets of paper every year.

These chairs are manufactured using enhanced techniques that make them completely glue-less, saving the use of harmful chemicals. Up to 37% of a typical chair’s components are from recycled materials, including reused steel, aluminium and fabric.

The chairs are also up to 99% recyclable due to careful sourcing and selection of materials - this includes foam, wood, plastics, metals and fabrics. These components can be easily disassembled and repurposed - for example, fabrics can be recycled into mattress filling and insulation, and plastics can be re-moulded into new chair parts. MDK also supply fabric off-cuts to local schools to be used in craft projects! You can find out more about MDK’s environmental policy on their website.

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Posturite’s replacement parts service

Chair replacement parts

Part of our own commitment to sustainability is to offer replacement parts for some of our best-selling ergonomic chairs, including the Homeworker, Positiv, Positiv Plus and RH Logic ranges. It’s surprisingly simple to select and install the appropriate parts, adding even more longevity to your chair. We provide instructions either as PDF documents or videos, or if required, can provide help over the phone.

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Our Green Friday promotion runs from Wednesday 24 to Tuesday 30 November, with discounts available on all of the sustainable products mentioned above, and many more.