Switch your mouse to the Switch Mouse

The new Switch mouse is designed around the philosophy that technology should fit your needs; a mouse should cater for a wide range of users, yet still be ergonomically sound.

Created by Humanscale, the Switch Mouse is about 30 percent bigger than a typical mouse and can stretch and tilt to fit your hand. The size is intended to alleviate wrist injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome by incorporating a palm rest and encouraging users to move the mouse with arm motions rather than the more vulnerable wrist muscles.

The device can even be stretched using a ratchet-like internal extender to accommodate larger hands so that fingers fall properly on the mouse buttons.

Also, in an attempt to prevent RSI, the underside of the Switch Mouse has a V-shaped bracket that tilts the pointer at a 45-degree angle to keep one’s wrist as straight as possible and minimise pronation. Better still, the bracket can be set for left- or right-handed users.

It won't feel comfortable at first but, as I mentioned in the last article, comfort can be misleading and discouraging bad habits can be difficult, so persevere with the mouse to reap the long-term benefits.

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