The argument for ergonomic furniture is put to bed

Good news! Choosing to use an ergonomic office chair can help spice up your sex life.

We’ve always known the chairs could aid health, comfort and productivity for those who spend most of their time at work seated.

But we’ve never realised they could also perk up passion in the home.

Well, that’s the conclusion we draw from the results of a recent survey, published in the Daily Mail, which showed that back pain has now replaced the headache as the main reason to give lovemaking a miss.

A quarter of people who suffer from back pain say they avoid any strenuous activity – including sex – while they’re affected. And with 55 per cent of Britons claiming to suffer from back pain at least once a month, that’s a lot of bedroom gymnastics being given a miss.

As we all know, ergonomic furniture is one of the best ways for office workers to avoid back problems occurring or to improve existing conditions.

So even if you’re not already convinced by the economic argument for choosing the ergonomic option – back pain costs the UK economy £7bn a year in work-related absences – then the desire to protect your love life should do so!