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The best online management system has just got even better

updates-to-management-system We’ve added an optional extra feature which allows data on other training courses

WorkRite’s unique online management system, which supports all our e-learning courses, is already much lauded for the work it does in capturing and providing health and safety teams with essential information.

But now it has just got even better!

We’ve added an optional extra feature which allows data on other training courses – face-to-face training, extra e-learning courses, certifications and so on – to be recorded and stored on individual users’ records.

It means that administrators can now keep track of all the training done by individuals whether or not it has been delivered by WorkRite.

Among the data that can be captured by the new feature are test score, start date, completion date, duration, expiry date, location, completion status and comments.

National sales manager Ryan Church said: “Even before this, our management system was recognised as being the best on the market, offering a number of unique facilities and benefits to make life easier for those responsible for planning and overseeing health and safety training programmes.

“But this extra feature takes it to another level altogether. It offers an unrivalled facility for administrators to bring together all their training records, saving them both time and resources.”

The new feature is being sold as an add-on to the standard online management system. To find out more about it, speak to your local account manager or call WorkRite on 0345 345 0030.