The great standing desk challenge

The DeskRite 500 desk - Our electric height adjustable desk

At the start of this week I announced that I would be embarking my standing desk challenge by trialling a DeskRite desk and using it for periods throughout my working day.

As promised, I have kept note on my daily progress to start using my DeskRite desk and alternating between sitting and standing at work everyday

Hopefully, it will inspire some of you to think more about how long you spend sitting a week and see if you can cut out some of your sitting time and stand a bit more!


Its a gloomy, rainy Monday and its 8.30am. Unless its a puddle jumping or lets-see-who-can-get-the-most-soaked-in-a-freak-summer-downpour challenge, it's not the best of days to start a challenge of any kind!

I'm not sure how to get started - Do you keep a schedule of your sitting and standing time? Or do you just stand when you feel you would want to?

One of my colleagues arrives and notices I'm sitting, pondering away, and cheekily asks when I'm going to start standing up, this then provokes the rest of my team who have also been looking forward to watching me do this challenge to also turn and ask the same!

I have to say - my team are pretty good at using their DeskRite desks and have the sit/stand balance mastered. As I started to raise my desk up and set my clock, I asked each of them how they get into the habit of using their desks, thinking they must have little memos or timers hidden somewhere. The result was surprising - all of them said they just simply got into the habit after a week or two of first use. I think I will be planning my standing time ahead of the day, to ensure I keep active -  perhaps it's just me!

I wasn't too pleased with my progress today but I'm glad made a start - I managed 45 minutes. I decided to blame this on my choice of footwear today, due to the weather I opted for heeled autumn boots to keep my feet dry, however got really achy feet and had to sit back down again.

My first lesson in standing desk mastery - If you wear heels at work, keep a spare pair of comfy flat shoes under your desk to change in too!


The sunshine's back and so are my flatter comfier shoes! It made a huge difference to stand in flatter shoes. I decided to make up for yesterdays poor start by standing up for one hour in the morning. I also tend to go on a walk around the village during lunchtimes which is an hour.

I made an effort to stand for an extra 45 minutes mid afternoon as I felt much more energised after getting some fresh air and being on my feet. I can definitely see how standing whilst working can make you more focused, there was no 3pm slump and I felt that whilst standing its easier communicate and present ideas. Felt like it was a very productive day but without tiredness at the end of the day.


Today I thought I'd try and see if I could achieve my target of standing for a period of two hours, as this is my aim for now on to do everyday . I completed an hour in the morning and one hour in the afternoon.

We are very lucky here at Posturite to have the South Downs and a lovely reservoir on our doorstep, so today I walked the whole 3 mile stretch around it during my lunch hour and back and completed another hour standing in the afternoon - fair to say - I was happy to then switch my DeskRite down to sitting height for the remainder of the afternoon!


Today I didn't hit 2 hour mark, may have overdone it yesterday! I completed an hour standing in the morning, and tried to come up with other ways of moving around.

Instead of emailing some of my colleagues for queries, I made sure I walked over to talk to them. I prefer talking to people rather then emailing, but I still email people more. Maybe this would be another good habit to kick as its alot easier and nicer to discuss work face-to-face.


I stood for a couple of half hour sessions in the afternoon following another lunchtime walk around the surrounding area - no three miles today!

Overall, I'm glad I've done this challenge and I want to make sure I stick at least two hour of standing a day. I'd ideally like to get to standing 40% of the time, sit 30% and walk around the office 30% of the time.

In doing this challenge alone, I have decreased my sitting time by six and a half hours p/w. There's still plenty of room for improvement but from what I've seen from my colleagues and experienced myself this week - it definitely gets easier and more second-nature to stand whilst working.

Are you also wanting to be more active whilst at work? Here are some great ideas to get started:

  • Using a standing desk? - Make sure that you wear comfortable footwear.  On a hard floor surface the Varidesk - The Anti-Fatigue Mat may be a good option for you to help prevent sore feet and stiffness.
  • Keep Moving - Take little breaks by walking around the office once an hour.
  • Why not take your phone calls standing? - It not only means your up and on your feet, your communication skills are alot better when standing up as it makes you feel more confident in a standing posture.
  • If you're always using the lift to your office why not swap and use the stairs? Swapping out small things such as this makes a difference!
  • Use a stand timer to keep track of how long you have been standing for. The Linak Wellness Switch can also count how many calories you have lost in your standing time.
  • Background music is also proven to boost productivity at work, be it from a radio or CD player, not to mention is its upbeat enough and you have a standing desk it may become too tempting to dance whilst at your desk!
  • TOP TIP- The DeskRite isn't about spending your entire day standing as that also would be just as bad for you - The key is to alternate between sitting and standing and working out a healthy balance. Movement and postural changes are vital to maintaining optimum health and wellbeing.

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