Think you don't have enough money or space for a sit-stand desk? Think again

If recent statistics are anything to go by, we're a nation of fat, sluggish, disease-ridden couch potatoes. In fact according to UN research, one in four British adults are obese, which puts us right at the top of the league table in Europe. 

Sit-stand starter kit

It's no wonder sit-stand desks are becoming increasingly popular as employers do anything they can to keep their staff healthy and fit to work. Not only do sedentary lifestyles cause obesity and cardiovascular issues - they also impact our muscles, bones, joints and ultimately our mental health. Musculoskeletal disorders and workplace stress continue to be two of the main causes of absenteeism, costing UK employers about £16 billion a year.

Unfortunately, there's still a long way to go to make our offices healthier places to spend one third of our lives, and many employers remain sceptical about the return on sit-stand desks.

Sit-Stand Starter Kit: our compact, low cost solution

At Posturite we recently put our heads together to see how we could get more offices to embrace 'active working' (easing more movement into everyday office life).

We realised that the main blocks when it comes to sit-stand desks tend to be cost and space. Some organisations simply don't have the immediate funds or the square metres to switch to an active sit-stand environment.

To help solve this problem we're releasing the Sit-Stand Starter Kit, which comes with the popular DeskRite 100 (small), a mini keyboard and ergonomic mouse for just £149.95, while the compact desk on its own is just £139.95*. This makes it the most affordable sit-stand desk of this quality on the market. It's also everything you need to get started with active working.

The kit includes:

  • DeskRite 100 Sit-Stand Platform (Small) - Pop on top of your existing desk and start standing/dancing/stretching while you work within seconds. It extends vertically, not forwards (as with similar products on the market), giving it a much smaller footprint ideal for compact spaces.
  • Targus Compact USB Keyboard - This compact keyboard knocks off the number pad to limit unhealthy stretching for the mouse and reduces the risk of upper limb disorders. Increase your working speed with email hotkeys and plug and play functionality.
  • Logitech B100 Optical Mouse - A simple, stripped-back ambidextrous design built for design-level precision. No set-up required, just plug in and go.

RRP when you buy separately: £201.90*
RRP when you buy Sit-Stand Starter Kit: £149.95*

*Price excluding VAT

Do sit-stand desks really reduce absenteeism and boost productivity, or is it all just hype?

While a number of sit-stand desk studies have been carried out, we understand that there's still a great amount of research to be conducted in this area. What we do know for certain  is that physical activity is a critical factor in increasing health and mental wellbeing. Time and time again studies show that those who move more are at lower risk of disease, live longer and are less likely to suffer from depression.

In fact the head of the NHS Simon Stevens recently described exercise as a 'magic pill', which would be a 'pharmaceutical blockbuster' if it could be bottled.

Not everyone has the time or inclination to keep up a rigorous exercise routine. Our advice to the clients we visit around the country is to move little and often. 

Sit-stand desks encourage workers to get up regularly. Not only is this good for minimising musculoskeletal pain (prolonged poor posture can be extremely damaging), it's also good for brain power, fitness (by raising the heart-rate) and productivity. We recommend spending twenty minutes of every hour standing up. This gets the leg muscles working harder without fatiguing them - and gets the heart pumping faster to invigorate the mind for better focus on tasks.

The DeskRite 100 (small) is compact for busy environments

Don't worry about space restrictions. At just 680W x 790D mm the DeskRite 100 (small) is the perfect size for a laptop or single monitor and can be instantly placed on top of existing surfaces with minimal disruption. Just clear the surface, attach the keyboard tray with the tools provided and use the lever to find your ideal sitting or standing height. It's as simple as that.

Small is on the left

We want to make sit-stand working a no-brainer for you

Even if you're still sceptical about what sit-stand desks can do for you, our new price point is so low that you've got nothing to lose by giving it a go. On top of that, our free 14-day trial should give you enough time to work out if sit-stand working is for you or not.

It's the perfect introduction

The DeskRite 100 is the smallest, most affordable model we stock, making it the perfect introduction to sit-stand working. After a while you may wish to move up to a full sit-stand desk like the DeskRite 200, or even the highest spec electric sit-stand desk, the DeskRite 500. But the DeskRite 100 (small) is big enough for general office work and provides enough space for your laptop or single monitor, compact keyboard and mouse.

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