Three ways to fit exercise into your busy schedule

Many of us have difficulty finding time for exercise.

Whether it’s because of work stress, childcare responsibilities or social commitments, it’s often tricky to set aside enough time to meet your fitness goals. Exercising is, however, extremely important for long term health. It can help reduce the risk of cancer, depression, cardiovascular disease and a number of other diseases. Regular work outs can also help maintain a healthy weight, which makes you feel good about yourself as well as contributing to normal cholesterol levels. It really is worth trying to find the time to get at least some sporty activities into your weekly schedule. To help you do just that here are three easy tips:

  1. Form a group

Office workers in particular struggle to exercise adequately, but getting up and moving around is absolutely vital if most of your time is spent sitting down. One way to make this easier is to enlist others in your office to get involved. Why not start a healthy living group to organise regular exercise sessions before or after work? Managers are often very happy to support such initiatives, because a healthy workforce is likely to be more productive. If your colleagues need a little motivation, you can always arrange for people to get free basic health tests, like blood pressure and cholesterol level checks. When people have a sense of whether they have normal cholesterol levels by age, or whether their blood glucose is within range, they will be more interested in getting active.

  1. Free up your lunch hour

Another way to get in a little exercise during the working day is to free up your hour for lunch. While everyone has lunch meetings or other commitments now and again, that hour in the middle of the day should be yours to use as you see fit. If you have a gym at the office or nearby, why not head to a quick aerobics session, or do some weights? If that’s not an option, there’s still always a way to move. Head out for a jog if you can or simply walk up and down the stairs ten times. Every little helps.

  1. Try a sit-stand desk

There are also ways to get more exercise while actually doing your work. Sit-stand desks are becoming increasingly fashionable as a way to increase activity levels when you still need to be in front of a computer for large portions of the day. Speak to your line manager or occupational health team if you have one. Sit-stand desks can be particularly beneficial to those with bad backs other musculoskeletal problems as they encourage regular posture changes.

Those are three simple ways to get more exercise into a packed working week. Whatever your schedule, there’s always something you can do to integrate a bit more activity. Getting regular exercise is important for so many reasons, from achieving a healthy weight (which helps maintain normal cholesterol levels) to improving mental health and body image.

Try a few of these ideas today and see how much better you feel as a result!