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Working at Height presents challenges to safety. However, these risks can be controlled with a sensible approach.

Our latest addition to our e-learning library - Working at Height - is designed to educate staff on how to assess risks, and how to use the correct and safest equipment when working at height. The course covers both high risks that require thorough planning and appropriate safety measures for low risks such as using a ladder or kick stool for a short period of time.

Our course will take your staff through 5 modules, from planning and assessing a risk of working at height to maintaining and selecting the right equipment.
In the sixth and final module, staff will be quizzed on their knowledge gained in the 5 educational modules of the course.

Like all our courses, Working at Height features pages of stunning graphics and several interactive elements designed to help maintain attention, retain information and improve learning.

It is supported by WorkRite’s unique online management system which captures essential information for companies’ health and safety teams and provides them with a fully-auditable trail of actions required or taken. Because the training is all done online, users can fit it in easily around their work schedules. Staff just need to log on, follow the step-by-step instructions, answer some randomly selected questions to show that they’ve understood what they’ve read…and their training is complete!

It really couldn’t be simpler which is why our e-learning courses are now used by more than half a million people in the UK and overseas.

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