University partnership gives our web plans a boost

Look out world…we’re coming at you across the ether!

We’re planning to develop all sorts of new mechanisms to enable customers to do more of their business with us online.

And we’ve got some of the best brains in the county to help us.

Gulden Uchyigit and Gerard Allsop from Brighton University’s School of Computing Mathematical and Information Sciences will be working with us over the next two years to plan and implement the next stage of our web-based business development.

As well as contributing their own considerable skills and expertise, Gulden and Gerard will also oversee the day-to-day work of a graduate employee who will be embedded full time in our business to manage the development programme.

All three people come as part of a government-funded business support package known as the Knowledge Transfer Partnership, designed to enable companies to improve their competitiveness, productivity and performance.

Posturite and Brighton University jointly applied for a grant under the KTP scheme and were successful in winning funding of £112,400.

Posturite will contribute around one-third of the cost of the project and, if all goes well, take over from the university as the graduate’s employer after two years.

Ian Fletcher-Price, Posturite CEO, commented: “We are delighted to have forged this new partnership with our local university.

“It gives their people a chance to apply their knowledge and skills in a commercial environment, provides an employment opportunity for a recent graduate, and us the prospect of making some interesting additions and improvements to our web-based customer interfaces.”