Upcoming office design trends for 2022 and beyond

Open plan modern officem with shared desking

These past few years have been transformational when it comes to office work. Some workers still find themselves working at home, while others have fully embraced the return to office life. Whatever side you’re on, 2022 is bound to be another year bustling with innovative design trends to make us feel both welcomed and productive in the workplace.

At Posturite, we understand the importance of office décor; it’s a vital component to work life and one that should not be overlooked. If you’re looking to redecorate your office in 2022 or are simply interested in some home office decoration ideas, keep reading as we go through some of the New Year’s upcoming office design trends.

Multi-functional spaces

Meeting room space that doubles up as a comfy breakout area for presentations

This first idea isn’t necessarily exclusive to 2022. However, it’s one that we expect many businesses to adopt for years to come. Gone are the days of productivity segregation in the office with companies now opting to have their workers congregate in one shared space to inspire creative thinking and collaboration.

One important aspect that can be lost through this however is the ability to tackle varied tasks that require different equipment, hence the introduction of multi-functional spaces. It’s safe to say that work life has been turbulent over these past 12 months, so giving employees the ability to try their hand at a multitude of tasks at any time is a great benefit.

Picture transforming desktops and movable dividing spaces that can be manoeuvred around to suit whichever task is at hand. This allows us to action our creativity when it strikes with no delay.

No office at all

Empty interior shell of an office, without any furniture or soft furnishings

Despite many of us returning to the office throughout 2021, for some businesses, it may prove more economically viable to not have an office at all. As such, one trend we expect many young companies to adopt is a complete work-from-home set-up from the outset.

This reduces overhead costs like commercial rent, running costs and maintenance fees. For smaller businesses, these costs can equate to some substantial reductions in profit. So not having an office could be the difference between your business staying afloat and going under.

Sustainable materials

Modern office space, with an abundance of wood and green foliage

With growing concerns around environmental sustainability, and the proliferation of the COP26 movement, some businesses may begin to look towards environmentally friendly design elements and materials in their new office designs.

Recycled furniture, second-hand equipment and natural plants could make their ways into our offices as a result. Not only this, but businesses may also start to investigate methods of improving their energy efficiency. This reduces the number of harmful fumes that are released into our atmosphere and could prevent us having to ever walk into an ice-cold office ever again.

Bold colours

Modern reception and breakout area, showing the use of bold colours on furniture and soft furnishings

Traditionally, offices have always prioritised function over form. Dull greys, whites and blacks are very much commonplace during the working day. There are many reasons for this, with the avoidance of distractions often being one cited by employers.

However, now that many of us have the option of making the daily commute, it seems that employers must do more to entice their workers to come into the office. One method of doing this is to completely revamp the office colour palette with some bright and brave colours.

Take our Positiv range of ergonomic chairs for example. These bold shades and vibrant tones can even help with our mood; sparking both creativity and productivity to result in even better quality of work.

Homely comforts

Bespoke wooden rustic desk with sumptuous home furnishings

There’s no place like home and, no matter how hard you try, it’s incredibly difficult to recreate the relaxed vibe you get from working in your own space. Despite this, we expect many employers to try and emulate the chilling atmosphere that comes with working from home.

Natural lighting, soft colours and cosy furniture are all important parts of home interior that employers may look to introduce to help their employees feel warm, welcome and safe.

Disguised hygiene hotspots

Upmarket hand sanitiser surrounded by pot plants

Hand sanitiser really grew in popularity over 2021. Through a mixture of corporate health-boosting policies and government legislation, almost all businesses across the world began to implement sanitiser dispensing stations to help employees stay safe and clean.

As such, the inclusion of such features in offices this year and beyond is likely to be upheld by many companies. However, one thing that was not welcomed was the clinical design language that many of these stations followed.

Going forward, employers may incorporate hand sanitisation areas into their office designs. Recessed wall compartments, hidden dispensers and aesthetically pleasing signs are all ways that these areas could be disguised to blend in with the rest of the office atmosphere.

Smart technology

Smart technology speaker and smart device connected via Bluetooth

The world is changing at a rapid pace. We now have self-driving cars and lightbulbs that can be controlled when we’re away from home. This increased pace can largely be attributed to the events of the past 12 months; however, it is also simply a product of innovation. If office buildings are to survive this transition, they too should begin to adopt this movement.

Thankfully, there are many ways that tech companies are making work-life that much easier. Microsoft Teams allows meeting rooms to be booked digitally, and office capacity trackers can allow businesses to quickly adapt to social distancing measures if needed.

This also helps with future planning decisions, as employers will have the ability to monitor how and when their office spaces are used.

Is your office ready for 2022?

Now that you know the trends we expect to see this year, you can begin to plan your new office space with a refreshed look and feel.

Make sure to complement your office’s new look with some posture-enhancing accessories. At Posturite, we stock everything from sit-stand desks to ergonomic chairs to keep you and your workers safe and productive.