Upper limb disorders and computer use case study

Following the introduction of a new computer system, a company experienced a large increase in the reporting of ULDs.

On assessment of the task, the environment and individual factors, the new software was deemed inadequate for its intended use.

To reduce the risk of ULDs, the following was implemented:

  • Computer equipment, including furniture, was reviewed by the safety manager.
  • Changes to workstation layout, including mouse and keyboard, to improve upper limb postures.
  • software changed to reduce repetition
  • Alterations to work patterns and shifts and rectification of other organisational factors such as poor quality control and deadline control.


Identify ULD risk factors, undertake a pilot of any new software and encourage early reporting of symptoms to minimise damage.

For the full case study from the HSE website, click here: http://www.hse.gov.uk/msd/experience/computer.htm